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You Dirty Arse Bandit

I can't believe how many people go for a dirty great big shite, then get some soft paper and rub that shite into the skin and spread it around a little? How dirty is that?

Check out farang birds, they squirt some stinking piss out of there sweaty birth canal, then they rub a bit of tissue over that lovely juicy minge of theres, but what about the stinking piss in the fanny crack... well guys its for the taking when you lick them out... yer thats sick man

Pussy licking a thai girl has always been reported to be a tasty matter, its not just the fruit that our cute little spider monkeys eat, its the fact that they jet wash the cock highway after sitting on a seat and doing a little tinkle. The arsehole is also well cleaned, which means the tongue is safer to venture deeper. This is what makes arse munching in go gos fun.

Going to somewhere like beavers on walking street, and asking a girl to bend over so you can get your tongue right in those Thai flaps of hers, then sneaking the tongue straight up her poop shoot, is the best experience you can get in a go go. If they were dirty bottom wipers this experience would leave an undesired taste in the mouth!

Tasting before you try is only possible in a place like LOS cuz they are spraying there lovely tight twats at regular intivals, sometimes you can lick birds out and not even notice til you look in the mirror and you have crusty cheeks!

Why do farangs have such dirty habits, why did I spend most of my life rubbing my arsehole everytime I go for a shite... and when you get the splats, you get as sore as a quire boys ass.

Spray and go is the way to do it! Girls even use the spray as a contraceptive, I cum in a regulars pussy once and she went to the toilet, I was able to run outside and peep through the window and catch an eyeful of her giving her small brown tight pussy the once over with a jet of water, she was spraying that beautiful love crevise deep!

Just be thankful when your licking some abused snatch out down soi 6, that she sprayed out her cock holster, instead of being a dirty tissue jockey. If they didnt have spray you'd have man source smothering your lips... if it tastes salty give it a miss! Too many birds around, no need to put up with another mans mess...

As for guys that press the spray against there hairy white ass while wanking off, FAIR PLAY TO YA