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Plastic Bag Madness in Pattaya and Bangkok, Thailand.

Thailand is full of plastic bags, WTF is going on? Is their a plastic bag import quota that Thailand has to reach?

It is said that Bangkoks sewage system will come to a grinding hault within a year or less. There are 9 million people in Bangkok and they must all use at least 1-2 bags a day, and with the wisdom that they have, I bet most of them are destined for the overworked sewage system with skinny ass pipes. Rather than binned in a civilised folded fashion.

Infact Thailand has about 65,068,149 people (source:CIA FACTBOOK) thats a hell of alot of bags, I reckon 130 million bags get used daily, this nation is bag crazy......

The slums in Bangkok don't have a sewage system, so people crap in a bag and its slinged into the river ready to burst next to swimming school children. (shit bag surprise)

Here are some scenarios where I am given a bag against my better judgement.

I buy a stinking drink and they tip in it into a bag (lady didn't cum with it)

thai girl with drink

I buy a packet of fags in seven11 and they throw it in a bag

Even if I buy a pack of chewing gum I get a bloody bag

I go down soi 6 and they stick my pecker in a bag


You get a large item from the local shop and they try and stick a bag on it somewhere, even if it covers 10%, it has to have a bag otherwise its a no go, and you need to wait for the correct size bag to go on. The queue gets bigger and all the staff are trying to bag your large item!!

When we actually need a bag their isnt any to be found... i.e your down beach road at 4 in the morning and your trying to do something doggy style and the face keeps putting you off- there is no bags in sight.

I reckon this fashion will be here in no time, when the bag culture stops and they find a massive surplus of bags...

bag culture in bangkok

What will happen next? Our ladies will come in a plastic bag too?

thailand bag lady