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Living in Pattaya- a one way journey

I never understood why men jump from condos when there is so much pussy around, but now I live here I understand. That doesn't mean I am getting closer to the condo diving club, suicide isnt my thing, I am careless enough that I am certain my death will be due to my stupidity when I am exploring the areas in the middle of nowhere alone or death by dangerous bargirl. If you want to join the condo diving club, I hear membership is very low, it lasts 30 seconds, and your initiation is when your leg bone punchures your lung.

Back in farangland everything was a rat race and so serious, you cannot do anything you want. Imagine being 60 in farang land and walking round with a 20 year old? Everything is so serious and boring. No smoking here, no phones here... the list goes on.

You buy the local newspaper in farangland and the front page will have a huge article about how a broken paving slab almost killed an old lady but she only actually sprained her ancle when tripping on it. I've seen holes in the road her, that you can fall in! No joke... check out the storm drains in BKK, now they are dangerous..  

Danger and excitement goes hand in hand, back in farangland there is no danger.. so where is the excitement?  I have almost hit loads of girls crossing the roads here, I get frustrated but you look at there faces, they think its funny! they love it.  So next time you see shit loads of traffic coming run across the road... fun can be had for all!

I am no rapist and I don't like to joke about rape because my views are strong about rape.. however if I come back to farangland.. I'd warn everyone in a 20 mile radius to lock up there daughters/sisters/girlfriends. Without the choice i have here i will have to be hunting down every human/dog/cat in the neighbour hood!

Imagine going out to a nightclub or bar in farangland and not coming back with a lady!!! Shit I remember that too well, I'd rather forget those terrible days.. if I was born here, I just wouldnt believe people if they told me they went home alone after a night out and out of pocket 100+ dollars.