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Thailand girls in Camfrog

Video Rooms- a wankers Paradise

What is Camfrog

You download the software and its just like msn, but their is shed loads of video rooms from across the world. All the sections are full of fat farang 'female' munters apart from the Thailand section.

If you live outside Thailand you'll get the Asia section when you install, this is where all the Thai girls suck off there little blokes and have there twats hanging out, usually with the odd dildo hanging out or a little finger sliding in and out. But if you install camfrog within Thailand you'll only get the highly censored Thailand rooms, (even though they say 18up and no limits) this is ok, because (pro waa) if you live here, its good to get on the site for a good peak up some students skirts, then you can step outside with your boner and get the real thing sitting on your cock within 30 seconds walk.

http://www.jizzflicker.com/images/wc_alisonsmart.jpg" alt="camfrog thai girl" />

Tips; when looking through camfrog, turn the gay ass family filter off, whats the friggen point in that, which moron is going to leave that fucker on, you might as well call it the fun button... fun on or off... let me think?? And click on the 18+ tab.

The educational benefits in camfrog is that you can copy and paste all the Thai text that the Thai men are saying to the ladies, then you can repeat it to the lady of that night... I always get a look of amazement. i.e An english gentleman would be heckling an english lady on webcam, to get her snatch out or stick her arm up her butt... but Thai men will be saying "go to heaven with you" meaning I wanna cream right up your love canal.

You get about 600-1200 people shouting in Thai and some desperate farangs in english pleading with the poo ying to do something nasty, anyway all you need to lookout for is what female username is being shouted the most, click on her name on the right column and you'll get an eyeful of whatever she is doing.

http://www.jizzflicker.com/images/sexy_bikini_388.jpg" alt="thai girl on camfrog" />

To see the best things its best to pair up with a mate remotely, you can both hunt down to see whos showing some axe wound or tits bouncing around and you can notify each other on the camfrog live chat. That way you get to perve the best bits. You will get to learn what girls do what and how far they go. Sometimes you can be sat there for hours with your dick in your hand waiting and anticipating.

What do the girls do?

Some girls are experts at teasing, they strip down, put it back on strip down and they go on forever, by the time I see a little bit of muff, the red rocket is sore.

Some girls dance in there underwear for hours and hours, swinging that butt round in circular motion.

http://www.jizzflicker.com/images/1173324348.jpg" alt="thai lady watching camfrog" />

In the Asia rooms, I've seen fucking, lots of blow jobs, girls masturbating alone with dildo's and yes most of them are fucking hot stuff.

Some girls touch themselves under the covers and roll around, there is nothing more sexy than this.

One girl always pulls her pants around her ankles in the internet cafe and lifts up her skirt touches her pussy while people walk past behind her, she's usually in her school uniform or university uniform... when she turns up, I only last a few strokes until I finish.

The site is the most addictive site in the world and I never get bored of seeing fresh girls get rude on the camera. The best times for viewing is late at night in Thailand. And the biggest bonus for me is the constant music that the rooms supply... Thai hip hop, rap its the icing on the cake. Sometimes its a female dj in her panties getting friendly with her teddy bear.

Happy perving http://www.camfrog.com/

One last tip before you end up on a 2 month wanking mission, download the pro version off a torrent site, that way you can make the video size bigger and sort the ladies out from the men, so you don't need to keep scrolling up and down like a demented twat. (scrolling puts me off my stroke) Or stop being a tight cunt and pay for the full version, 25 dollars I think, that way you can enjoy looking at one more lady at a time, but be warned you'll end up cross eyed with jizz going all over the shop.

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