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JiXXXflickers Dream wedding

We could all meet up at soi 6 for drinks, then walk up the aisle (soi6) The bride should be an ex soi 6 girl and knows everyone and should be wearing white hot pants and showing camel toe.

Then there could be 30 bridesmaids wearing school uniforms with no knickers, then everyone can help themselves, BUT the groom has to fuck all of the bridemaids first on that day before marraiage is allowed, then the best men get second dibbs, then all the guest get sloppy thirds.

After all the fucking,. the marriage vowels could take place in sexy soi six, and have a naked girl rubbing herself on the poles, fingering the missus as they caress each other and snog while reading out the vowels.

One of the bridemaids could be sucking the groom off as the vowels are being read, then instead of a ring, to seal the marraige the groom has to cum in the bridesmaids mouth, then the bridemaid has to share the cum with the bride while snogging, that would seal the marriage.

Then the honeymoon could be 2 weeks down soi 6 and not allowed to leave, except for std medicine/jabs.

What you think? How could this be improved?