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Finally got tee rak to swallow my cum- First BBBJCIM

I have been trying to convince my Thai girlfriend to do whats best and thats to swallow my cum, when suggesting it, she kept saying to me "sockapock" (dirty). Of course I did try and trick her but now she is all too aware of my game, so it was back to the drawing board. She says that no respectable ladies do it, well I had news for her!!! I tried to explain to her that plenty of ladies do it, then she asked "who"

Well I can't spoil my non butterfly image, so I tell her that I don't know but my friends tell me and that every lady I've been with before were cock / cum hungry.

I told her that my man paste would, make her hair more glossy, make her face whiter, good luck for Buddha, good for head aches, sore throat etc What ever issue has came up, it was the cure!! But she wasn't accepting any of these

Then last night I took her out for a nice meal and brought her some self teach English language books, and then I was showing her youtube on my computer and then accidentally (by purpose) came across some photos of me getting sucked off by a pretty farang bird. She requested to see all the photos, I shown her them and she was laughing.


Well that night, we got into bed and I have no idea what happened, but she was really deep throating me, sucking my cock and making noises, then I grabbed her by her hair and started fucking her cute pout until I came, I hadn't cum for two days, so I filled her mouth up, she carried on sucking for a little while...

Fuck, I ran to my phrase book and asked her to marry me, joking of course but she has just become the perfect girlfriend, not much else matters to me!