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Ripped off at Happy a Go Go

I was walking along Walking street Pattaya catching an eye full of the sweet innocent juicy sign girls and I noticed Happy a Go Go had a really cute one, she was totally farm fresh. Probably never been fucked properly, never had it “jizzflicker style” either. So I ask her how much to smash in her guts right up to her lungs? She didnt understand so then I just said how much for “boom boom”

She said she doesnt go with farang, she only worked one day! So I offered her 2000 baht and a jam sandwich and she agreed. This is where I got pissed off, the management wouldn’t let me take the sign back to the room! I paid for a sign girl


<img src="http://www.jizzflicker.com/images/happy-a-go-go.jpg" alt="happy a go go  pattaya" />

I wanted to take her back to the room and shag her from the back while she holds the sign saying “welcome inside sir” But what good is a sign girl without a sign?

Totally false advertising, if your going to get a sign girl from this place, you are not going to get the full deal~ steer clear chaps. Because I am a true gentleman I still took her up the VADGE and gave her a jam sandwich.

<img src="http://www.jizzflicker.com/images/happy-pattaya.jpg" alt="Happy a go go Pattaya" />