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A damn good dogging session in Pattaya

Well I am always looking for new experiences in Pattaya, so I arranged my own dogging session. Luckily I have a huge garden.

So I went and hired a car from Pattaya...   drove down soi 6 and picked up a couple of girls that looked like fun and I let one choose another and made sure they were lesbo compatible, so I will get a good three some.

<a href='http://www.jizzflicker.com/a-damn-good-dogging-session-in-pattaya/thai-girl-naked/' rel='attachment wp-att-91' title='Thai girl Naked'><img src='http://www.jizzflicker.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/04/thai-girl-naked-12.JPG' alt='Thai girl Naked' /></a>

So I drive back to the jizzmans farm and get the car and the girls in the garden. First we go for a shower and put the mosquito spray all over ourselves missing there twat and my cock. I don't wanna be licking mosquito spray again. I get there cute asses into the car and by this time they think I am totally crazy but they are up for it.

Once in the car we get the candles going and some soft music. First we have a few snacks and soft drinks. Then I ask tee rak to open the car door and put her legs out, I step outside and kneel on the floor and hold her legs open while I give her twat a good licking out, she lies back across the seats and I ask the other girl to sit on her face.  Fuck me sideways it was so naughty!

Who could be watching us? I know the soi dogs will be too busy at it to notice! At this point I put a mat on the concrete floor that I am kneeling on, and I adjust myself so I can pull her out of the car a little and slam right into her,  creek creek the suspension is going wild and working in my favour... can you imagine what the locals think when they hear that...

Every time I bang her the car jolts and creeks and a little moan from her. Her friend is getting a good licking out and plenty of juices are dripping on the seat, every car needs to be christened this way.

I got both of the girls doing a 69'er on the back seat and I stood at the passenger door behind the driver with both of my arms resting on the roof.. I couldn't see them but who cares and I slammed my bendy meat batton into her pussy while her friend continued to lick both of our parts, then I shot my load and it all dribbled out into the other girls willing pout!  

<a href='http://www.jizzflicker.com/a-damn-good-dogging-session-in-pattaya/thai-girls-lesbien-threesome-pattaya/' rel='attachment wp-att-92' title='Thai girls lesbien threesome pattaya'><img src='http://www.jizzflicker.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/04/thai-girls-lesbien-three-some-pattaya.jpg' alt='Thai girls lesbien threesome pattaya' /></a>

Now I know why they have car rentals in Pattaya.

1 car           1000 baht
2 girls          2000 baht
1 cd            100 baht
mossie spray 250 baht (85%)
candles         20 baht
jizz mats       200 baht
snacks and drinks  200 baht

3770 Baht</strong>