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Anyone here done the following?

Jizzflicker walks down soi filth (soi 6) with a hard on ready for the sluts of the soi. He sees a bit of poo ying (Thai- for lady) that he wants to bounce on his man stick, he pays 300 baht for room and 700 baht for poo ying, goes upstairs and tee rak is washing the last mans jizz out of her beautiful love crevis in the love shower.

Jizzflicker is patiently waiting with a red rocket, then all of a sudden Jizzflicker looks at the window and is distracted by ALL THE SLUTS OUTSIDE shouting for business, so he starts spanking the little fella and shoots his muck all over the curtain before tee rak is back.

Damn, wtf do you do now? So after the orgasm brain mist disappears, I decide to tell tee rak to get another poo ying to lick tee raks poo tang and that gave me time to reload, ready to shoot some faces with me jizz pistol.

It started out as a nightmare, but Pattaya is dreamland and we can innovate to turn the situation around. I ended up dishing out 1 servings of protein to two awaiting girls. 1700 baht altogether, thats 850 baht per nut sack.

<img src="http://www.jizzflicker.com/images/bar girl pattaya.jpg" alt="bar girl pattaya" />