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Soi 6 Pattaya

What is Soi 6 in Pattaya?

Soi 6 is one giant jizz dustbin in the heart of Pattaya, it truly is the Mecca for all perverts and sex maniacs from around the work. You can go down there and get a full 40-60 minute fuck and bare back blow job all for the price of 1000 baht, 700 baht for lady 300 baht for room. I usually finish off the romantic 40 minutes by spanking myself off in their mouth. If you wanna pole her shit pipe ask before you go upstairs, if they say No, just double your offer of cash, maybe throw in a bag of sweets and a copy of spicy magazine. (a favorite Thai girl magazine from seven11) If that fails maybe offer her a free mouse mat and a bottle of coke.

Some tight bastards only pay 500 baht for short time, but I always tell people to pay at least 700 baht, whats an extra 200 baht here and there?

Other names for Soi 6 are

Soi Romance
Soi Short time
Soi Jizzdustbin
Soi Yodsak (real thai name)
Soi 700 baht divorce settlement
Soi BBBJCIM (bare back blow job cum in mouth)
Soi Filth
Soi 3 holer
Soi Sex

Some bars specialize in different things, king kong bar is infamous for getting a bare back blow job on the settee. There is plenty of filth to be had all down the soi 6. Your best of finding a soi 6 soi dog. (thats my term for the ones that have been down there turning 2-10 tricks a day for 2 years etc)

Walking down soi 6 is like fighting your way through a woman gauntlet, your either bowled over by compliments or physically carried into the bars, sometimes even blocked from walking. The usual trick is the girls will tell you what they want to do to you, or that they want you to fuck them up the back pipe.

One girl said she does everything, a bag load of piss emptied later and my friend confirmed she drank it all and loved it, everyone has been down there now to piss all over her and she loves it.

Here is a video of Soi 6

Top tips for using Soi 6.

- Walk up and down at least once to spot a beauty, don't just walk in one bar.
- As you are walking into a bar, grab a lady on the way in
- If you don't like the lady you are sitting with, ask them to change
- Tell the lady what you want to do before you go upstairs - If you are walking with a friend, and you see a lady, pretend you didnt notice and run as quick as you need to so you can claim her- to make sure you don't have to wait for your turn