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Bored of sex with tee rak?

Let me shag her???

Ok I knew you wouldnt go for that one… here is what I did. I said to tee rak, if she wants to earn some extra cash I’ll take her down soi 6 for a day. My mate owns a bar down there so I go in and ask him if my bird can freelance for the day and I’ll pretend to be a customer. He agrees.

She brings along loads of knickers for the day as she thought they’d be getting creamed, I had a rock hard cock by now. She came downstairs in short skirt and tight top, she looked so slutty and dirty, what a fucking turn on!

I just sat there with a ranging hard on, she walks up to a big ugly guy and she’s grabbing his cock in the most slutty manner, I’m sitting there getting real wired up knowing that tonight will be the best sex ever. I told tee rak to swallow cum only and not let them cum inside her TWAT, that way for the next few weeks, I can get real turned on, knowing she copped a load of man fat from several dirty bastards.

She takes this guy upstairs and I tell her to call me and leave the phone on the side so I can hear her slopping his cock and hear the slap with he’s banging her. 10 minutes later the job is done, and she comes downstairs with a big smile, (dirty slut) within minutes the guy has gone and she’s grabbing another cock, she really seemed to enjoy working on the guys laps.

We spend the whole day down there and she does about 5 short times and makes about 2500 baht. (she keeps this) then she says she has swallowed enough cum for the day. For the next two weeks, I am just power wanking my jizz in her mouth, knowing what the dirty slut did and what she is capable of. I recommend this to all guys that want to spruse up there love live.

In bed there is nothing better than a total dirty slut, I know she is fucking another farang guy behind my back, but the last laugh is on her, as I’m getting extra turned on when I fuck her. I LOVE THIS GIRL