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Pattaya Ladyboys

I came to Pattaya and I was 100% cock grabbing free, I wouldn't touch anyones cock for cash or let a dude suck my dick, even if HE has long hair and painted nails.

Everyone kept on taking about men in skirts and were telling me these men dealt with dick in no other way. Managing cock is definitely a womans job, but in theory whats better than a man to do it, after all he's had a cock for a few decades so he knows exactly what sort of treatment its after.

How about self respect and what people think, well that doesn't matter in Pattaya, alot of people are cock grabbing behind closed scenes, some are even indulging in cock worship, once they get a ladyboys cock up their bum, they realise all those years of chasing women, was just trying to forget there dick fondling fetish.

I don't know what ladyboys drink/eat but there cum must be addictive when swallowed, because so many farang our out there teaching deep throat skills instead of searching all the straight bars for the odd bird that loves to choke on your man fat.

Its amazing how many guys travel halfway round the world, put up with all the pit falls of a developing country, just so they can have pussy on tap, hell it can be delivered. or all you need to do is step out on the streets and a piece of pussy will land on you... you have to fight girls off, you could even walk down the street with a shit dangling from your bum crack and your still sexy mak mak......

.... but what do these guys do instead? They chase a man and insert his dick up his bum, they think its cool cuz there new friend looks like a bird and then they start to worship the lady boys cock.... fuck I'd rather stay in England and get rejected by all the girls cuz there is a 9/1 ratio in English clubs and the girls have the upper hand, therefore its the fat birds that are left for the desperate.

Well all of this logical thinking went out the window when I reached the end of this mongering life cycle

I mean for fucks sake look at this dude, he's fucking well sexy, he loves footy too, its about time we can shag one of the lads

Anyway, I had my first spit roast the other day, my butts sore and I hope no one seen, and it isn't that bad swallowing jizz, (oh for fucks sake) I don't know what the girls complain about. If your disgusted, you ain't been coming Pattaya long enough.

Try fucking a few 1000 girls and you start loving the occasional cock in your face and you know it!


Get yourself a facial off a couple of ladyboys, you'll feel dirty like never before, guaranteed to make you a life time horn dog, you'll be bending over your Thai girl within no time and SUCKING all the poop out of her sweet little tiny butt.

Internationalhardman says.. its so wrong its right!

Pattaya Ladyboys