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Canterbury Tales Pattaya, A Day Of Mongering

I woke up today and fancied a change from the usual prowl down Soi Romance (aka Soi Sex). Decided today that I wanted more sex for my cash. Soi 6 is madness..

500 baht for a fuck and 300 baht for a room, two fucks later and you have paid 1600 baht, you could have got 3 fucks for that! Absolute madness, you are losing out on an extra 33% of fucks, over a year that is criminal! Thats alot of women that you are not screwing because of stupidity.

It is all about the numbers, if you fuck alot of women, you dont need to worry about performance, you are always going to get at least one great one out of five. One that could suck a tennis ball through 10 metres of hose pipe. Guys who keep it to one short time per day are not spreading their risk, there is nothing worse than going home to the TGF after a bad day of mongering.

So today I decide to set myself up for quantity and spread the risk, I am also less likely to get into trouble if I am not spotted by the GF walking down soi 6.

So I decide to get my mongering sportsbag ready and head for Canterbury Tales Cafe on Soi Chaiyabun for a day of mongering, this is best done alone, if you have a friend with you, it only confuses matters and gives you unneeded competition.

So I get a room open at Canterbury Tales for 550 baht, this is a fixed expense unlike short time room costs, which is variable depending on how many nuts you would like to squeeze out. I grab a table near the front of the cafe and this is my base for the day, I get a fantastic 95 baht breakfast, unfolded a supplied newspaper and this is my fishing/perving platform for the day, Life couldn't get much better. I know the staff so I am flexible to walk down the street at a moments notice, the bin is open all day for me, they know that I will pay for it at the end of the day.

My tactic is to either invite the girl over for a drink, a bottle of spy is 55 baht a bottle opposed to 95 baht a bottle in a bar. Or I simply follow her down the street and ask where she is going, usually it takes me about 15 seconds to decide if I want to fuck her or not. Basically if I am chasing them already, I know I fancy them, but I have to check the teeth, I dont want to be taking a girl, if she has black/no teeth (very unlikely)

When girls are walking past you just know their game, quite often they are walking past with a slutty grin on there face and when they look around, you know immediately they are on the game. I have never experienced that same look from non-bargirls... So I sat there with my drink and stonking hardon and waited for the game to begin.

Alot of girls live on this road, or nearby, infact alot work there. But the beauty of it is, there is no barfine. This first girl I spotted with tight hotpants on said she was going to Family Mart and that she would be back in ten minutes, sure enough she returned, she was not dressed to kill, but my chat up line worked on her like a treat..

"I have room, want to come see? cough cough, wink wink"

Sure enough Bee was up the stairs like a rat up a drain pipe, I took her in the shower and did her, I did not want the bed to look like a bed from after a bukkake movie. once my nuts where empty, she toweled herself down and I gave her a 500 baht note, I dont feel bad about only paying 500 baht as I needed to get the job done, because I know I was missing alot of pedestrian traffic.

My mongering bag contained a fair few towels and tee shirts, as the hotel only provided 2 towels. I dont like the girls using the same towels, as they arent stupid and it can kill the romance.

Just as I sat down and ordered a coke, 3 girls past all wearing the same uniform, fuck me, where the hell did they come from? Jesus, they were all giving me the eye as they walked past, a bit further down the road they looked around again.. right that was it, fuck the coke, I went down the road.. but which one do I fuck??

As I got closer I see two of them are worth a fuck and the third was not, I did not have the heart to say I want two of them, in situations like this its either one or all. I asked them if they could all come up to the room.. but they just did not understand my true intentions. It was established that lesbian action was not on the menu, but all three of them agreed to come to the room.

After about thirty minutes and a few drinks, it was established that two of the girls would wait in the en suite bathroom, while I fucked the other. I settled for this, but I felt under pressure, so asked the not so nice one to fuck me for 10 minutes first, then she can go. I saved the nicest one for last, so I could take my time and finish off, there is no way I could get three pops in a few hours.

So far it has cost me two thousand baht and I have fucked four girls, not counting the hotel bill, as I needed that anyway.

Most guys spend twice that on drink... I could go on to tell you what I did for the other eight hours, but I think you can guess that I was clocking up my count and enjoying some wild random sex.

Of course the staff at the local businesses were laughing at me, but this is Pattaya and the way its meant to be.... 'rack 'em up and fuck 'em up'.

Next time you want lots of sex and want to try something, think outside the box, there is no better place to monger than Canterbury Tales.

Edit: Apologises to management, sorry about the bed looking like it was in a bukkake movie set.