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Closing the deal, what triggers the bar fine to be paid?

Every time I decide to go on a night of mongering to choose my love making partner for the bed breaking session. I always try and envision what pussy lips i will have sitting on my face later and what sort of body I will be pumping away at.

I usually go for something that looks 15 18 with a nice skinny body and a unweathered cute face. Something that will look very good with a mouth full of white cock meat and having a nice cum dribble on the go. I actually fuck the odd girl that is cross eyed, I find it very cute... especially with cum dribbling from there lips.


Whenever I have chosen to close a deal with a bird its usually because of one thing or another. If I see a girl, hot-or-not and I get to see up her skirt and take a look at her panties, thats it, she has to be done!


There is certain key words that convince me to close the deal.. such as

"I love swallowing cum"
"I've never had it up the wrongun, but I'd like to try"
"my sister is lonely, can she come too"
"wow you have a big dick"
"I want to boom boom you all night"
"can i cook for you while you fuck me up dtoot"

Sometimes just seeing a girl driving a small motorbike tips me over the edge and I just want to screw her so hard. I have ended up driving alongside so many girls (trying to peak up the skirt- sometimes you need a gust of wind, or when she swivels to look around) and then end up taking them home with me.

Soi 6 rants usually get me going "I wanna lick your bum hole" "I wanna suck your cock" I don't start imaging her doing these acts with me, I just think what a dirty slut, perfect marriage material.

If a girl was to say, I want to talk down to you, while you lick my pussy then I'd take her straight away, there is nothing better than a torrent of abuse while you lick her snatch. Its even better if she is shouting swear words in Thai... I'm off for a wank after all this talk..