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Buying weed in Pattaya

Mission and a half or what! I went out the other night for a long drinking session and spent the night with my buddy exploring all the best go go's, got a couple of blowjobs in the corner of one including beavers, god I love that place, I always go down on them dancers, infact I've been in there with 4-5 friends and we just take it in turns to lick out their bleeders, we give them 100 baht a time so they are very happy to assist out tongue powered fanny crevice exploration.

Went in 'Babydolls a go go' and did a bit of finger ferreting, found a girl as horny as a spider monkey. She had her hands clasped around my little fella and quickly moulded it into a red rocket. I didn't cum but it was a real turn on doing it in the corner and everyone knows what your up to. After that I nipped opposite into 'Whats up a go go' and I sat around the girls showering and soaping themselves up, they are a bit boystrous in that place, but it sure is fun. I got my head a good rough soaping as I munched on soapy wet beaver.

With all the fun and drinking I realised that time had unravelled quickly and it was the finishing times for the go go's. I couldn't be bothered in going to the nightclubs to get a freelancer. So I thought I'd head to Mcdonalds for a nice fat fuck double big mac burger. As I was leaving a Thai man in a yellow top asked me if I want some ecstasy, yaa baa, ice or marijuana and I politely declined as I am not interested in hard drugs and it could be a set up.

So I get on my scooter and I start heading home, then I think actually it would be nice to have a good spliff at home and watch some stupid stuff on TV such as Jackass. So I drive up to some motorbike taxi drivers and I ask them if they can get me some weed and they say no, but ask the other driver across the road, so I go across the road sheepishly and sit next to them on their outside sofa, they were all chatting away while one was on the phone. They couldn't get it and they say walking street has some.

Scoring weed down walking street is the best place but its always risky and I don't think the Thais are fully aware of the CCTV system in place. Before a security guard outside Tony's sold it, I guess he's an untouchable.

Anyway after asking several motorbike taxi drivers, I was giving myself too much exposure. So I decide to head down Soi 6, I know it was 4 am by now and that there are some real nasty ladyboys down there which will try and rob you, but who cares, I come with friendship and I want to make a purchase. I drive up to the first set of ladyboys. The term ladyboy is a very complementary term for these particular boxer looking ladys. One of them told me to pull over further down the road and wait.

I do as I am told and I keep the key in the motorbike with it facing forward and I have my hand on my steel batton just incase someone is asking for it. The ladyboy comes over and molests my bike seat with her musclebound butt. She tells me we have to wait for delivery, I explain that i have many friends that will be regular buyers, this reduces my chance of getting diddled. As she is sitting there she is smiling at me saying "you want me to suck your cock while you wait?" What an offer, how many other countries would this happen in? NONE, Only in Thailand. Welcome to Pattaya!

I politely declined as this ladyboy had more testosterone than me, I thought about challenging her/him to an arm wrestle to pass time, but then I didn't want to be embarrassed so the conversation was steered by me, to about her working habits, I asked her why she doesn't work down walking street, she said she is shy and too many people stare at her and take photos. She failed to point out that she looks less hidious in the darkness of soi 6. Every time I got a new conversation string going on, it quickly bounced back to her talking about sucking my cock. I told her I wasn't interested at all and that I've never impaled a ladyboys body with my love sword before.

After about 15 minutes she was really getting to me, she was real blokish and because she was so persistance and keen, I thought what the hell, all i need to do is go somewhere unzip the little fella and look away, it can't be that bad.... I tell her that I'll let her give me a blowjob but I don't wanna see her dick or have any dick dancing going on. We walk back to her room above a shop in soi 6/1 and the rooms pretty messy, typical bloke! I quickly make sure my pecca is clean and she is sitting on the bed waiting...

Oh fuck what have I agreed to? Will I really be able to cum? What can I think about to shoot my load? How long will it take?

After initial worries I stuck my softy straight in her cock trap hoping that I would muster up some reaction and grow inside his/her mouth. Well it worked as she gave me a good tongue massage, this dude really knew what he was doing, S/he was taking the whole length in porn star style, she was really slopping that tongue around my skin pipe.

I felt so dirty and disgusting, I hadn't had that feeling for a few days and I loved feeling like a right dirty bastard. I never did score some weed... I only wanted some soft drugs but I end up getting sucked off by a soi 6 monster.

She was a far cry from this "lady"

http://www.jizzflicker.com/images/ladyboy-moo2.jpg" alt="thai ladyboy" />

http://www.jizzflicker.com/images/ladyboy-moo3.jpeg" alt="pattaya kateoy" />