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Jizzflicker gets banned on Pattaya Secrets Forum in 9 minutes

Jizzflicker started writing on http://www.pattaya-addicts.com/forum">Pattaya addicts forum, and the "sexy men" board members on there put up with my posts/threads for some time, then I was told to start my own blogging site! Thanks to Pattaya Addicts Forum sex perverts.

I was as chuffed as Gary Glitter in a nursery because of all the support and me getting my own domain name, I even added a link to addicts forum on my front page. Anyway, last night I was twiddling my thumbs as I was all shagged out and was sitting there with a pair of aching balls. I couldn't even get a semi... so I decided to actually do something constructive with my evening.

Unfortunately I decided to post my stories and rambling shite over at secrets forum, I signed up and I started 5 threads within 5 minutes. I was getting a very good response... but I put a link to my site in my PERSONAL signature, www.jizzflicker.com anyway within minutes, some admin jobs worth removed my signature (admin did it from anonymous account) and I responded in two of the threads that I will never post on there again, due to them being pathetic morons for removing a stinking link.

Before I could get a chance to PM the owner of the site I was banned?!!!???

I have requested for them to remove my content as it was made by me and some publishers are looking at it! Now my potential publishers in Bangkok will have to speak to secrets ISP to get them to remove the copyrighted material as they want to publish it!

So secrets forum... you can censor me on the forum... but your using my content without my permission.... What you got to say about that?

Remove my threads or I will personally send a large ugly looking ladyboy down to rape your little bums. Judging by the way you run your site, you may like that? So I will wait for the ISP to take action.

Have a nice evening, I'm off to fuck a couple of girls down soi 6, I aint had sex since this morning.