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Mystery in Pattaya.

I was out last night in a go-go and I was getting a good eye full of the naked Thai ladies working the poles in my favorite go-go. And there was a large fat fucking farang bird sticking out like a saw thumb and was putting me off my groping and ogling session. The fatness isn't an issue, its the attitude!

She was as miserable as fuck, and I think she was competing with her boyfriend to see who can be more miserable, she must know that her boyfriend is growing more disgusted by the minute about her presence and appearance, no one in the world wants to be squashed by a fat female heffa every night, I bet he has to tie a ladder to his ass to stop himself falling in her crack.


Anyway, not only did I move to Thailand to get away from these disgusting creatures, they are spoiling the scenery in the go-go. Its like a school girl going home from school, you shouldn't look, you don't wanna seen to be looking but it just catches your eye.

I was thinking of what to do, I didn't want to leave the go-go, I have already left my birth country to get away from these swamp monsters, I was going to ask the security to remove her, due to her being a health hazard or a liability due to putting us off our mooching with the girls.

Her presence was insulting enough, but the way she looked at us was even more infuriating. I reckon her boyfriend was loving every minute of it in that go-go and she was becoming self conscious and even more angry with the world, I think her comfort eating was starting to play on her mind and I was scared she would pick up a 33 kg Thai girl and gulp her in one go, I don't mean anything sexually, I mean the ugliest act in the world, her fat ugly angry face opening that big gob of hers and throwing a little cute Thai girl down there.

To add more insult to her presence, she even told one of my friends to "get out the fucking way"

I felt like saying "excuse me Mr (she has no resemblance to the female race) can you get your FAT FUCKING BACKSIDE and rotten face out of the door before I smash the table over your head.... cuz I traveled halfway around the world away from my family and friends to be around beautiful women and away from women like you..... so get the fuck out before you insult even more of us..."

Thank Fuck I have got that off my chest I feel so much better, I don't have any issue with farang ladies or even fat people... I have issues with ladies that have an attitude... and fat and farang. I have met so many fat farang ladies that hate the world and hate us for wanting ladies that resemble women.

I wrote this thread to ask WHY? WHY? WHY?

You don't bring a girlfriend to Pattaya, unless she is either fit or willing to grab another bird for the bedroom antics!! The only people I have seen miserable in Pattaya either have no money or have brought there girlfriends/wives to the party and they spend the whole holiday being teased by the most beautiful women in the world with the ideal attitude.

What is it with some womens attitudes? I've seen fat, old, sexy farang in go-go's and although I did behave more.. I didn't have any problems, but once a dirty attitude is throw into the situation then I'm furious.

Lets start a campaign..... while I am here, why do bars have signs saying no arabs??? It should be saying "no farang birds with bad attitudes or rotten bodies that will spoil the beautiful heavenly scenery in a go-go.. i.e the lovely Thai ladies having sex with the air while dancing.... there is nothing more beautiful that watching a naked Thai girl dance, and with a growling farang lady in the background, its a cock stopper.