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 Guys lets look closer at how we live and how they live and lets see how we can improve our lives by lying.

Why do we debate and confront each other when a simple lie will do?

Why do we keep our values when there values seem so logical. Look at my example below, one lie and everyones a winner!

Lets say you blown all your wages in the first day of getting paid on strippers, booze and drugs or whatever floats ya boat.. instead of losing face with your debtors or the people you want to borrow off, why not tell them you were mugged or you had an operation and thats why you have no money and need to borrow some? (everyone is a winner- otherwise you'll look stupid and still get no money lent to you)

Lets learn from these people, life can be so wonderful when lieing, you can be and do whatever you want.

Why be so farang and try to seek the truth when it hurts, why not sit back and enjoy the comforting LIES, after all they are there to make us feel better. "you sexy man" etc we have all heard this shit before, ok she most likely dont fancy us but the point is she is trying to please us for more attention and/or money. Enough reason to stay with her?

Ever thought about how they get brought up on lieing, when daddys brings back his mia noi and he's fucking her against the bedroom wall and all the kids are watching, do they dare question him when he says he helps her back problems? what will it solve? Loss of face for mummy and a good caining for the next 6 months?

Maybe some lies are best enjoyed, we come to Thailand for a holiday, we should just sit back get our pipes blown and enjoy how faithful they are and sexy we are (so they say) This way we can find heaven rather than fighting the lies?

Of course this works both ways, if your friend is lying to you, that he didnt use your sisters underwear to milk himself and its blatently obvious then you must behave yourself and not confront him about it, just do it the thai way and grass him to the police next time he's playing cards.. its so logical, he gets punished, you maintain relationship, he saves face instead of looking like a pervert.. see its not so bad after all LYING YOUR ARSE OFF

Please note the sarcasm throughout the post!

The fact is next time I'm emptying a pipe load of jizz down a girls mouth and she tells me it tastes nice and that I'm handsome and that she only does it for me. During the act my knees are quivering twice as much as my eye balls turn towards my brain, if I knew what she was really thinking then it wouldnt be as much fun and I probably wouldnt be invading her axe wound as roughly.