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Jizzflicker looks for a maid to clean condo

6 months ago. I was scrolling through the local bullshit newspaper and its funny as fuck but its not meant to be. Pattaya people is only worthy of a bog roll backup, but I purchased it as I wanted a maid to come and clean room, I have previously asked bar girls but I tell them to do it naked and I end up screwing them senseless on the kitchen side.

I have also tried to get them to do some gardening, but as soon as they crouch and I see that thong, i pull down there pants, push there face right in the scrubbery and slam them until the ants start feeding on the cum drips. So basically I am looking for some professional help as I cant stop shagging the girls. I see an advert from a german man, I ring him up and he tells me his new wife is looking for regular work cleaning peoples houses, I tell him that I will pay her 200 baht per day, a bag of malteasers and 1 jam sandwich (with real butter) to come round for 2 hours a day.

He drops her off and stays for a cup of tea, it seems they met in a bar, he’s twice her age and she is about 6/10 and skinny as a rake. After he goes, I show her where the mop is and all the shit in the cleaning cupboard, I wanna keep this totally professional, but I start getting trouser movements so I go for a long shower and power one out on the bath floor, then I push the jizz down the plug whole with my toe. I leave the bathroom with a empty set of knackers, I come out of my room and she’s hardly done fuck all and shes yapping on the phone, I say to her, sorry to trouble you but can you clean the house. Last nights condom is still on the floor, that should have been picked up first, last nights tee rak didnt pick it up the lazy bitch, I’ve had to walk around it all day!

She starts moaning that I am only paying her 200 for two hours, I explained to her that its plenty plus the jam sandwich is real butter, she looks at me confused and carries on. This is when she starts poking her ass right out (she’s wearing trousers) and says that she needs more money to send home, I just think FFS all I want is my house cleaned, Pattaya is the only place in the world i reckon where its almost impossible not to skewer your help with your pork stick. After another 1 hour of her doing a little bit, chatting on the phone and basically smiling at me the whole time, she came and sat next to me. This pissed me off as I was watching a porno and I didnt want some girl to interupt with idol chit chat. I always tell them to go talk to there boyfriends or read those teenager magazines at seven11 if they wanna chat shite.

By now it was becoming real clear that she didnt want to clean and wanted to earn extra money, I realised that she wasnt going to end up as my regular maid, so I said to her what do you want? she said a 1000 baht so I said, you’d better swallow all my love bogeys and not miss a single drop, every last drop has to go down, with no drippling. And she’s not allowed to clean her teeth staight away either, she has to sit there and enjoy the flavour for at least ten minutes, without swilling her mouth with a drink. So I just pulled my pants down carried on watching the porno and sipped my cup of tea while she worked her magic. I havent called again and the advert wasnt on there again. All I wanted was for my room to get cleaned, is that so hard to ask in Pattaya?