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A quiet night in with 2 thai girls

Last night I stayed in with a girl I have known for a few months. She has been a nightmare to keep in touch with and also she sends the wrong signals.

Firstly she isn't a bargirl, so when she wasn't all over me kissing and cock grabbing, I was at a loss to what her feelings were. After her sleeping in my bed for 4 nights over a few months, I finally nailed her lovely hairy vage.

However last night I was in my house and her friend from back at home was here also, she was farm fresh and was no way going to be selling that body out, she could if she wanted to and she'd make some good money, her ass was like a 12 year old boy... but you can tell that she wasn't the type to be doing that crap to her body.


I had problems communicating to both of these girls, but everything was going pretty cool, my lady has really warmed up to me the last few days and now I have to beat her off with a spade with shit on... before i had to hold her down to get a quick kiss.

So last night me and tee rak have a shower and her friend disappears on the phone again. After the shower tee rak insists that we must watch this Thai series for 2 hours, fair enough i though. But the hugs I was getting, made little jizz stand to attention, and before I knew it, I slipped tee raks little hand down me pants and she threw a cover over it. 10 minutes later and she is hammering away, I push her face down there and instead of opening her trap, she held her head still and looked with curiosity.

Damn this girl is too inexperienced, but a little while later i got a few licks and a bit of a suck, I'd switched into stealth mode, trying my hardest to squeeze it out real quick into her mouth, cuz i knew there is no way she'd agree to it. As she continued to hammer away I almost cum so many times, but it feels wasted unless its injected into a crevice of at least sprayed over a naughty part of face.. so i asked her if she was hungry for my jizz.. she said I was crazy!!

Now I know she will need a lot more training than i thought.

Her friend came out of the door and my lady quickly removed her hand, everything was covered up, but it was still obvious what was going on, and what is still going on, in the groinal area. We all sat watching the film again and I got tee rak to put her hand on my cock again and try to jack me off discretely.

This is when Tee rak asked me if I like her friend and I said she's pretty, she asked her friend to come over and her friend sat down next to me, I don't know what was said, but her friend started licking the end of my cock while tee rak wanked away, the other girl was really groaning and rubbing her sweet pussy underneath her clothes.. It was probably the most turned on, I have ever been and I was totally shocked by it, I lasted about 2 minutes before cuming, she wouldn't swallow it either so it ended up going all over her! ah well you can win it all!! Lets hope she visits again!!