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Mongering for men

I was bored one sunday and I had one of my real slutty regulars around. She has one local young farang boyfriend and a old guy that sends 20k a month, so she doesnt need to work but she still likes to freelance down soi 6, that is where we had our first date. She is a real nympho and I cant keep up with her, she also likes big muscular black guys with big dicks.

So I think fuck it, I’ll treat her today sometimes I tell her to come round mine and bring a lady. She usually brings a decent looking slut from soi 6 and I’ve only been disappointed once. But I’ll still blow my nut even if the lady is a munter there are always loads of positions were you dont look at the face.

So I think right I’ll go and find her a big muscle bound black man with a huge dick so he can give her some real damage that she keeps begging for. I go down walking street and every guy i speak to me looks at me like a real perv! How dare they. so I give up and carry on drinking and I tell tee rak to stay in the house and do something like clean the floor or my shoes etc

I decide to head to lucifers to find a man that will give her the ultimate treat, I eventually find a guy and I explain to him its going to be free and he has to wear a condom as I dont wanna be stirring porraige again, done it too many times by accident and its dirty. I tell him its my show and I want him to tell her to fuck off and slam the door amd leave as soon as he’s finished. (she totally loves verbal abuse)

So we go back to the house and my motorbike is struggling with such a big guy on the back, you should have seen tee raks face light up when she seen him. I told them both to go in the other room as I didnt wanna see that shit, my gik is all over him in an instant, fuck me this guy is in for a ride and she’ll better not be too sore to fuck me later!!!

10 minutes later after alot of screaming, I hear him shout “fuck off” he slams the door and I am bursting out laughing, I give him a high five and tell him I’ll see him around. I open the door and tee rak is all shagged out with cum drippling from her pussy!!

BASTARD HOW DARE HE! I told her to go use the jet wash contraceptive as I dont want man lubricate rolling around my cock later. Tee rak was so grateful she gave me the best blow job later and she was as horny as fuck, but bollocks to going down on her for a few days.

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