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Jizzflickers Sport Mongering Guide

Their is a few classes of mongerers out there, I'll try and distinguish them...

First you have the clueless loved up soft cock gentleman who takes any lady that shows him a smile and he believes fancies his big belly and balding head.

Secondly you have a guy that hunts around on the prowl every night, sometimes takes a lady one day, sometimes breaks the three day rule.

Thirdly you have the SPORT MONGERER, the real man on the hunt for fresh meat, this animal sleeps during the day and spends the whole night impregnating as many wild whores as he can find before the sun sets.

sport pattaya

How do you do SPORT MONGERING?

Firstly for a good nights hunting, you need to get a good sleep/rest, then you need to get the correct attire. Freshly pressed mongerers Grundy pants with quick access, no buttons or zips, this is essential for ferreting up a girls skirt in Soi 6 without a delay.

A decent pair of trainers with white socks (for comfort) and a discrete set of knee pads so you are more agile if your going down on a girl in a alleyway. When sport mongering you need to be prepared for all situations at any times... (once I met a girl on the back of a baht bus, luckily I had an umbrella, I passed her 500 baht and she sucked my cock under the umbrella. Luckily I was prepared.

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Man bags look sad but if you want to be prepared you need one, condoms, (condoms need to be the first thing that you see, so there is no delay if an incident comes up and you have little time to prepare) pocket swiss army knife, sweat head band, (for non air conditioned room shagging) lube, different sorts of condoms, tissue and a plastic bag. These are all items I have needed over the years so I carry them all the time. The plastic bag is light and easy to carry and if you are going to fuck a girl on your mates settee for instance, you can sit on the bag so it acts as a jizz tray, no evidence and no stains.

A sports mongerer changes ladies every fuck, how else are you going to get through them all? Huntsmen don't shoot a deer again once they are dead! Once the job is done, there isn't a reason to go back and waste valuable time.

Sports mongering is all about trying every variation of everything, at least once. I wont take piss or shit but I sure will hand out piss to a lady begging for it, and I will always try my best to every position in every place. Getting a cheeky blow job in an alleyway* is allot more fun than sitting in a room, that reminds me... another trait of a sports mongerer is that when he goes upstairs to a Soi 6 room, he will go about his business with the door wide open, this is different and that makes it fun.

*always have 5000 baht cash ready, just in case you get caught by the boys in brown with your trouser down and pecker out in an alleyway.

I always see SM (sport mongering) as a scientific art, sometimes you need to work out times, risk factors, cum as fast as you can, i.e before your mate comes back from the toilet etc. Sometimes I will leave a girl sitting in a go go and I need to know exactly where the nearest place is to get a quick short time and be back sitting with her within 15 minutes.

I will always choose the most slutty girl in the bar and then work my way down to the shyest, the slutty ones can take the loss of face and they usually give more groan for the baht.

guide pattaya

As this is my hobby I always insist on paying the girls a fair and decent amount, that way my hobby can continue with less problems, and on the off chance I end up boning the same girl twice, she'll twirl that tongue around me bell end an extra few times.

A sports mongerer is never in love for more than 15-60 minutes at a time, at which point the love leaves the body and the relationship is confirmed to be over with the passing over of 700-1200 baht.

A sports mongerer will always get a lady even if he's ill, he will either get a mate to pick one up or recycle a fanny he's had before.

Do you know a sports mongerer?