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pattaya stories


A mongerers Journey from shagging stunners til getting it up the chuff by a ladyboy.

Level 1- Stunner's -pattaya


You get to Pattaya and your into straight normal sex, nothing unusual... You fuck heap loads of girls then what?

You fuck even more girls.... Now you've had it all you need to do something different to get your kicks... after all, fucking stunner's has become boring!

Level 2- Dirty little munter feckers - Pattaya


Right so, you go out hunting for the ugly/dirty little feckers, then suddenly you've hit a jackpot. Your invited into the anal cavity and when your badger goes into the badgers nest, there is a roar of pleasure coming from the sluts mouth. She is loving it! Once you've fucked arse there is no going back!

These dirty little ugly munters start to lick your poop shoot and right before you know it, she's bending over and your trying to suck the poop out of her hole and praying to god, she doesn't deliver.

A few weeks later you find yourself lying on the bathroom floor after a heavy night out, and your wanking off while tee lak is spraying all her piss all over your phallus as your rhyme and ecstasy levels are going through the roof.

Your now sick to death of dirty little feckers and stunner's and you struggle to find a girl that is both! You've tried spanking sessions to try and put a spark back into the relationship with the dirty little feckers.. now the spanking sessions have got tiresome..

Now you've passed Level 1 & 2 where is there next? there is only one legal avenue to try...

Level 3- HE/SHE's

Chicks with dicks, this always starts with an innocent blow job while no one is looking.... then one night he convinces you to stick it in his ass with the promise that he will keep his little panties on. That hole is well abused and he loves it.

Then one night boredom sets in and the hand gets curious and the reach around is born, you say to yourself its not gay cuz nobody can see, but another mans cock in your hand is definitely gay!

A month later your pissed and your fully tossing them off and going for it, a lick of persuasion seems like it will do no harm, then two minutes later your deep throating that cock like your been deprived of it all your life...

an hour later your begging him to unload in your mouth..... Then suddenly you realise your gay finally, so you throw in the towel, turn round, kneel down put your head on the pillow and you leave your butt hole exposed at the mercy of the ladyboy, the ladyboy fucks you hard to make up for all the years you have been deprived of it!