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Paying the ladies WTF?

I hear so many guys discussing and arguing about how to pay the ladies, why do all guys struggle with the same method? Constantly guys are disappointed but what do you expect for a flat rate? Where are the incentives? Ok you may become a repeat customer, but she probably doesn't want that, besides thai girls only think about today.

"Oh man I paid her 1500 baht for LT, we had sex once and she left me"

"Hey i paid her 1000 baht, only sex and no smoke"

Why not develop a price structure to suit your needs...

<strong>Case Study 1</strong>

David is a blow job fanatic and also he wants vaginal penetration at least twice.. He pulls out his tailored made Pattaya Addicts mongering card and its all written in Thai. He tells her that he wants sex minimum twice and blow job minimum twice.

500 baht per boom boom
300 baht per 30 minute blow job
300 baht per swallow

If David gets 2 fucks and 2 blow jobs and jizzes down her som tam pipe, then he will pay 1900 baht, ok admittedly  you can get it for less, but David had a real good time and the girl got paid well. win win

<strong>Case Study 2</strong>

Malcolm likes to stick it up the arse for 2 rounds and would like regular sex at least once. He pulls out his mongering card. And he tells her the minimum that he needs.

700 baht for anal
500 baht for boom boom

He ends up paying 2600 baht because he fucked her in the arse 3 times cuz she wants the money, and he also did her up the vadge.

<strong>Case Study 3</strong>

Harold is a soft cock and he wants sex but more importantly, he wants someone to stay over the night, but he can only manage sex once in the morning and once at night.

500 baht for boom boom
700 baht for sleeping at least 8 hours

He ends up paying 1300 baht because he was too pissed to fuck and only fucked her in the morning.

This system seems expensive but how many times have you wasted a night on a girl that hasn't performed, this way works in the same way factories use, performance related pay, it almost guarantees you a good time and for the sake of an extra few dollars/pound.

Most guys don't want to admit paying more as its an ego thing, but with this system there is no comparison, you may pay more, but who gets more? plus a real good time and a sore cock and empty set of nads!

Of course if you get a money hungry bird, then she will be badgering your dick all night and thats what we're all after!

Now all that I am asking from you is to tear this system apart, I want as many flaws pointed out as possible so maybe I can amend the idea.