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Learning From Isaan Girls

I have learnt a vast amount about Thailand from my sex fueled travels and even outside Jizz Dustbin City. (Pattaya) Their are some real eye openers.. the terror stories.

I have learnt from this and I became a better person. Admittedly I am a sex starved randy fucker on the prowl to feed my minge addiction, what makes me laugh at is how crazy we get when something so trivial happens..

The microwave is broken OH NO
The cat's dead- I CANNOT WORK for the rest of the week

Oh dear me. Gentleman I used to get upset at the most silly things but look at what a Thai bar Issan girl has to put up with.

Born into poverty and watching daddy get pissed and fondle your sister.

Brother selling his friends turns to fuck you (yes I've heard that before)

Then falling out of a crappy hand made hammock with everyone laughing (to put you at ease of course)

Watching mummy get a good beating after she spent the night sitting in silence watching daddy get more and more pissed with the cash for bills.

Watching people die in road accidents and getting thrown in the back of a pick up like a road kill.

Mum and dad taking out loans against the promise to pay back on the money you havent earnt yet.

Then working in Pattaya getting some smelly sweaty cunt all over you while you have to smile and say "sexy man"

Then missing your fatherless child that your Thai lover abandoned when he realised it will cost.

Then returning to see your parents and their has been another "accident" in the family of some distant relative, then you have to hand over money without being aloud to ask... then you ask farang boyfriend for the money and he gets angry and starts shouting "you only want money you bad lady" Then i think.. why he not want to take care, he not love me, he very bad man. Why he not read "thailand fever"

Getting black balled by all the hi-so Thais just because you have dark skin and you stay with farang means your a prostitute!

Having customer number 1 getting angry because you want more money so you fuck customer 3-10 while he go home and work.. and the extra money is needed to pay mum and dads loan that they got out because daddy got pissed for an extra week by accident and pawned all of his work tools off.

So guys next time your lady phones late or your car brakes down why not say "mai pen rai" (never mind) and be glad that we don't have to deal with all this shit. I think a big thumbs up to the ladies of Isaan because they do a good job being them, I wouldn't be able to cope would you?

Hats off!  Next time your fucking them, give them a bigger tip!

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