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Mongering at the source

Jizzflicker looks for the fountain that supplies the flow of whores in Pattaya

What do business guys do to get better deals?, both to get better quality and price? They take away the middleman. Mongering in standard bars is like shooting fish in a barrel, in fact its not as difficult as that. Its like finding a sheep with his head stuck in the fence, every welsh mans dream!

I have been almost going to the source, I'm not exactly going to go upcountry and start banging on doors or asking people when their daughter becomes legal etc. (fuck thats not a bad idea!) But I have found some quality pick up sites with no barfines and far more fun.

I have done a scoring system, the cock score is how good the girls are 10/10 for best, and the price is how cheap they are 10/10 is best.

The bus station.

Either they are off home because there sponsor has gone home and they are looking for a last bit of cock grabbing and cash making so papa will get more money for his whisky fund. Or you get the girl fresh from upcountry all shy and nervous and is grateful for a friendly cock hand to show her the way. Or you get just a regular girl who's come on holiday and doesn't mind opening her legs to get her holiday sponsored.

Cock Score 3-10/10
Price score 10/10

The plastic Chairs.

You always see them chairs outside shops, but you never dare to sit on them, but recently I dared to and I was joined by 6 girls that were freelancers and they wanted to get pissed before hustling for cock. I was buying large beer bottles for the price of a tiny drink in a bar and when I got a round in, it didn't hurt the jizzmans wallet, in the end I choose one and that saved me 300-400 baht bar fine! So if you see some plastic chair around, park your low life ass, drink cheap beer and wait for the right lady.

Cock Score 8-10/10
Price score 3-5/10

The Market

Loads of lovely ladies at the market, never been with one that works there, but I found a few ladies wondering around, when you see them buying thongs and skirts the size of belts, you know she's going to suck that cock for cash/gold.

Cock Score 3-10/10
Price score 10/10


A fit girl in these shops is as rare as an honest bar girl, but because they work all hours god sends and get paid Thailands minimum wage (176 baht a day) you know that she's a hard worker, decent, grateful and most likely wants a relationship. However if your looking for a free barfine and you want a sexy girl, there are plenty of these shops on walking street full of fit ladies going in and out, you can make use of the mirrors for a good perv before you approach.

Cock Score 3/10
Price score 10/10

Salons and all other random shops.

Its worth driving around real slow and having a peak through shop doors on you way around and try and see what pharmacies have the best girls, hairdresses, food shops, pet shops etc so when you need one, you can go to one with a fit bird, there is no point going to a shop/place with no ladies in, when there is always a shop round the corner with a hot one in. Sometimes you can get lucky and eye ball a bit of up skirt.

Cock Score 3/10
Price score 10/10

Navy Girls in Sattahip

The jizz man is still researching this one, hands off

Cock Score unresearched
Price score unresearched

Soi 6 girl

These girls are quality wife material, masters at jizz extraction, will take it in any crevice! what more does a man need/want? Anyway catch the little ripe sluts when they finish work, you can spot them from a mile away... they are the ones limping home! 10/10 in cock research and practice.

Cock Score 10/10
Price score 6-8/10

The winner.. soi 6 girl