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Cant fuck my Thai girlfriend for three days

I went to see my sweet girlfriend today and I tell her to bend right over and take a load of love snot up her jizz taking canal. And she's turns round and tells me that her little mouse hole hurts, and that today she has to see doctor (bai hah mor) and there is white puss flowing out of it!! (and it stinks)

I told her that shes got a dose of gonerea and that she deserves it. (som nam naa)

http://www.jizzflicker.com/images/thai girlfriend.jpg" alt="thai girlfriendl" />

I said who you been screwing and why aren't you wearing a bloody condom?

"Oh man from Canada he same clever as doctor, he tell me it ok" In the same sentence she reassures me that man juice cannot carry HIV, I said, "thats a load of betty swollocks..."

I also pointed out to her that I know she barebacked him because he must be a sexy man, but STD's aren't picky who they date with.

Anyway, she isn't talking to him after that and luckily for me, I know what a slut she can be when she's pilled up or drunk, so I only bareback her mouth.

Sluts, you can't live with them, you can't live without them.