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Construction worker surprise, (opposed to kinder egg surprise)

I wake up this morning at 6 am in Pattaya and its a beautiful day, I decide to start the day differently so I start screaming and running around the room with tee raks pants on my head, first she shits herself then starts laughing, I do this to break the pattern of the day. I hate the boring cunts who do the same thing every morning, its essential to do something weird or wacky I thank tee rak for banging the goo out of my todge last night and I tell her now she needs to earn her money, she says “what you want me to do tee rak?” I said “I’ll pay you to leave now” I don’t even know why I did this, pressure was building up in my groinal area and I knew some lady somewhere is going to have to be the receiver of my new liquid balance.

I decide to pick up what I call a “soi dog” (some random flower/fruit seller,) take her in the bushes up on buddha hill, pull her trousers down and jizz in her and let her continue back to work. So I am driving along on my Shit motorsike and I see a small construction worker crossing the road, she had a hat on and balaclava so I could only see 80% of her face. So I turn round and ask her where she is going and would she like to harbor my ship in her port while I get these things out of my nut sack.

Once again I had to simplify the language to something Thai, as her English was non existent. I found out she earns 120 baht a day for 12 hours of horrible grimy work. So I offer her 500 baht to get a good hard pumping, I also offered her a free mouse mat. She spoke to another Thai man for a few minutes, I think it was her boyfriend. Then she agreed and asked me where to go? I’m thinking I can't take this soi dog back to the hotel, I’ll have to bang her here in the construction yard.

I tell her that the sexual act needs to be conducted within 10 minutes because the clock is ticking and the volcano wont hold out too long. I request that we go upstairs in the unbuilt building, it had no sides to it just a concrete frame, but on the second floor the workers had cloth hanging up as they seemed to live there. I tell them I want to finish the transaction there, but they start resisting and all the pots and pans around will be a big distraction. I tell them I will give them 500 baht to use that area on two conditions, one they move all them pots and pans out the friggin way, as I dont want to be distracted as I am manovering at her from behind. Two, I don’t want any people peeking or cheering me on, I tried that before and I cant unload in that environmental conditions. Also I dont want no dogs barking at me, I hate it when that happens, especially when you get surrounded by a load of angry strays.

Now the pots and pans are right out the way and there are no peekers or dogs/children running around. Its time for Jizzflickers school of romance, I take her stupid hat off and pull her balaclava out the way, and quite a cutey is unleashed. I pull her overalls down and her jeans, surprisingly despite how scruffy they get, her panties were crystal clear clean but large, they were certainly worth sticking in my mouth while i fucked her. She thought this was crazy but that just turned me on even more.

I don’t need to go into details, but I leave her there dribbling with fresh man sauce and I hand back her knickers, now wet with my saliva. I would say she wasn’t experienced with sex but it was a nice surprise!!! A construction girl, you don’t know what you are getting until you peal off the outer, therefore I call it construction worker surprise. I tipped her an extra 200 baht for being responsive and worshiping my cock by a Pattaya hand shake. I would also like to add, that I didn’t get a good vibe off the other workers, but you cant win it all.