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Pattaya nasty suprises

Due to the high frequency of girls I and many of you lot have been with. I thought it would be nice if we could share our experiences. Everyday when you take the clothes off the new girl you wonder whats going to be there, the worst I've had are a couple of spots and baby coming out scars. Actually I think one girl had a boil on her ass, she was a non working girl in bangkok. I wonder how many guys go down on the girls and how many hesitate like me after hearing over stores like wart encrusted meat curtains. My mate in koh samui was banging away at a girl and when he pulled his hard bell end out of her sweet tight shaven thai pussy, he had the remains of someone elses condom stuck on the end of his condom, he even took a photo! I've heard of whole condoms coming out, what a bonus! Licking there twat normally would be nice but i've had it all too many times ladies not telling me they are on.. so getting that tongue sliding in and out, you could be engaging in blood sports without knowing... Has anyone else had bad experiences? Do you lick her twat and not worry about the the bareback her thai bf gave her hours earlier? Or do you just stay away? I know i worry too much, i just dont want a wart poking me in the eye while i'm dining at the Y Some untreated cockshots http://www.ruf.rice.edu/~lrsex/stipictures.html