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Ban Chang Madness - Jig saw bar

Last month I went up to test the waters in Ban Chang sex soi, I wanted to dip my winkie in a few Thai birds to try and find a new fuck buddy. I got a friend from Pattaya and decided to show him the ropes.. the slippery ropes to hell.

We went in a Thai Kareoke bar and there was Thai men in there hustling with the ladies, nothing nasty was going on like in the farang bars, no one had there dick hanging out and no one was sucking no one. NO fingers disappearing anywhere either or liquid dribbling over the seat, despite all this, we were still having a good time. How you may ask? Cuz I was being teased by the fact the ladies were all over us, leaving the Thai men in despair, it helps when you have a few 1000 bahts hanging out your pockets and one taped to your forehead.

We knew it was going to be pretty difficult to get our ends off then and there, so we went to one of the bars called jigsaw, it was only 1 hour from being closed and the ladies weren't particularly nice, but to anyone who knows jigsaw they will know why we chose this place.

12 girls gave us both blow jobs at the same time, they took it in turns to circle around us. Each spending a few minutes on us each then swapping. The experience was out of this world, the ugly ones really gave it some. I wasn't put off by this, I just tried to hold back til the fittest one came around again!

As soon as i came in her mouth, she was claimed and my mate called me a cunt as he was holding back for her too, but now she had to step out of the circle.

It was a mass orgy, not the sort you wanna show your friends, but having so much attention on your cock makes up for the poor quality of the ladies. We ended up paying 2,000 each and walked out knowing we got value for money. Ok it was the most expensive pop I have ever had in Thailand... but it was different.

Anyone fancy a trip to Jig saw?