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Living amongst the Thais in Ban Chang

I've moved to Ban Chang amongst the Thai people. It's like the wild west out there! Dogs (sounding like wolves) going mental at 3-4am for a mass barking competition. Probably arguing over who gets to fuck who's rabid ass the next day.

Free range skinny chickens strolling around everywhere, I'll be getting chickens soon, if I don't the neighbours will start talking! I may be the only farang in the village but I don't want to be the only one in the village without chickens. I'll be getting about 10 hens and one cock, I'll envy that bird, lucky bastard.

Being in Ban Chang is convenient, its my new drop in center to collect a lady for the nights love making and romantic cum dribbling (and gargling), last night I took the same girl and I almost rattled her teeth out, she was as horny as a badger. Its strange how I seemingly live in a rural area, yet with a short stroll there is a road filled with wet and dripping obedient pussy.

Last night I decide to explore my road and I went to one of the local shops, to get in any of these shit holes I have to duck shit loads cuz they are only made for the vertically challenged. First I buy 6 bottles of water, a cake and a bottle of petrol. 50 baht!!!


I noticed a weird looking place with lights all round it and girls sitting down, so I went in the shop next to it and brought some beers, everyone is staring at me, all the ladies and people coming into the shop. Then a Thai man comes out from nowhere and asks me if i want a beer, i politely decline as I am wary of crap like that. Eventually he talks me into it and we sit there drinking for a while.

One of the girls from the karaoke bar comes over to the shop and fuck she's ugly, I am glad I didn't walk over there to sit down, she makes my mum look pretty! One of the men in the shops sitting with me drinking beer, said "HIV HIV HIV" well thats nice. Talk about killing the trouser twitches.

It amazed me how much attention I was getting and people were attempting to speak to me in English then quickly backing off, some just stared and stared. I was asked by this Thai man to follow him to his house. So I followed him by motorbike, I'd given up on the idea of finding fresh untouched (by farang) Thai pussy. So I just went to his house and outside there was three of them, pretty drunk, they had a make shift den outside and were smoking weed in a bong. I didn't touch any and continued to drink, they got louder and louder and all sorts of people dropped by, including Thai navy guys. Then the main Thai man pulled out his ganja plants to show me his work, then tried to sell me them lol

As I continued to drink I felt pretty pissed, and then at 11 p.m the yaa baa came out! FOR FUCKS SAKE. I come to live away from shite like that and it bloody well follows me. Ah well looks like I will have to find some different friends. I quickly left and walked to Whore lane (in Ban Chang ) and I proposed a "date" to the first cutey that smiled at me. I can't help winking at the girls and smiling, knowing full well, I will be trying to poke there little bum holes later and getting my muck over there face- good for the skin- whitening properties- it convinces them everytime.

I smashed her guts up into her lungs cuz I was as horny as a spider monkey up a tree.

I love Thailand!