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Romance in Soi hok. (soi 6)

It was a clear blue sky as I stepped out of my swanky hotel. I had me mongering grundy pants on, I was ready for a short romance.

The day surrounding me was so beautiful and relaxed, I decided to walk to Soi Romance. As my feet seemingly span the earth around towards me, my love batton grew with excitement. I knew deep down today I would find love down soi 6, i could feel it within me, that the one i was always looking for would be waiting with her hand out and her freshly pulled up knickers on.

As I approached Soi 6, I could hear the girls screaming “you sexy man” “I want to fuck you” “I want to lick your bum” I was starting to imagine how I will be greated when I arrive, my date for the next hour will be sitting there in her damp pants as we both molester our drinks and get to know each others genitalia, as other couples sit next to us and discover each other.

As I approached sexy soi six, I suddenly noticed a very classy girl, she grabbed my aching hard on and told me that i sexy too much. I knew straight away that because she fancied me too mach that I had to see to her needs then and there, it was love at first site. I asked her if i could take her for a drink inside as a true gentleman, when she returned with the drink, i found my finger entering her beautiful RAT hole. Jesus I was in love then and there, this girl is perfect for this hour in Pattaya.

We decided to make our relationship last longer and at least wait for the first drink til we had sex, getting tossed off was distracting enough. The dimmed lighting set the romanic mood, couples everywhere were seeminly making fast tracks in there relationships, some were even rushing upstairs before their drinks landed. I ordered a second drink but split most of it running upstairs, i also took a jug off water.

Jizzflicker is number 1 at keeping the girls happy in the bedroom department, water is essential in Pattaya for good sex, I refuse to give my secrets away.

As me and the wife entered the room, i knew she’d had her knickers around her ancles in there many times, but love is forgiving. I knew she already knew the drill, shower then bed for a good drilling. She was so tender with her touch, she tell me “you boom boom number 1″ i knew she meant that was only for the last 10 minutes but i loved this girl and as she sucked my piss pipe my balls swung around like conkers, as they clanged, i could only think about wedding bells.

My sweet soi 6 girl taking care of cock better than no other girl had for the last hour. I lubbed her too much, i could just imagine someone with a violin in the corner of the room as i rodded her against the wall from behind. (preferably vanessa mae naked)

I know she’s a jizzdustbin, but she was my personal jizz dustbin and she wanted my jizz just as much as the other 500 girls that i am yet to fall in love with. As she kneeled down I proposed to her in my final grunts. “uah, wil- uuuh- marry-ohhh MEEEE”

As I injected my million presents into my new lover, the romance seemed to have died, I went downstairs and we agreed to 700 baht divorce settlement. Then I fucked off to soi 7 to get lashed.

Has anyone else down here fell in love down soi 6?