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I finally trained my dogs!

<strong>Desperate about Food - Problem 1</strong>

After months of grief from my pet dogs they don't seem to be getting any more tame.

When I am relaxing and stuffing my face, they are trying to do a running jump to snatch the food, I have never seen animals that desperate to get food, I wish my GF applied that sort of enthusiasm to my cock, they will fight over anything...  even when there isn't food on the table they still fight, because they think some is on the table.

Two days ago I caught tee rak feeding one dog, and winking at me with a smile, she knew what she was doing, she was encouraging the other dog to start a fight and get battered, I asked her why and she said because she doesn't like the weaker dog because it pisses everywhere! But she hasn't figured out, it slashes everywhere because its scared when the other dog attacks it! Yes I could change ladies but I like this one, so I need to work on the dogs and retrain tee rak from having learnt Thai logic for 21 years.

Tee rak keeps moaning that they hassle her for food, then the other day I catch her passing them bits of food off her plate, I never feed the dogs while I am eating, I am trying to train them! but she just trashes all that training instantly.

I've never seen animals so desperate for food, I feed them twice a day and even before I put the food on the floor they jump for it and the food goes everywhere.

Two days ago I was in alone and getting real sick of it, I was a little drunk as I'd been drinking at the local shop, chatting to the local girls...   I tell you what if someone wants a good girl, I know plenty...

I walked over to the huge bag of dog food and tipped half of it (a few kilo's) on the floor outside on a tray and said "go on you little bastards get that down ya"  the less dominate dog wasn't allowed to go near the food, so I pulled back the domineering one, who was really growling, to enable the weaker dog to gain access to the food, then I let him loose and every time he went for the weaker dog, I slapped him over the head, 10 minutes later, he got the message and they were both still gulping down the food!

Once both of there bellies were swollen up so they looked like they were pregnant, I think they realised that no more food could physically get inside there bodies, then they staggered away looking sick, I couldn't help think, serves you right, I am not into dog cruelty but I am trying to fix there behaviour issues that is unpleasant to me and no doubt isnt good for them.

I did this in the morning also...  this time no fighting and no desperation, they just looked at the food disinterested...  I did this last night also...

No fighting and no desperation... short term problem solved.... now I will have to start making these huge quantities less over the next few months, until they are feeding normally.
Killing chickens- Problem 2.</strong>

One of my chickens had three babies and I left them alone and one of the dogs got a baby chicken and killed it, by trying to play with it. The big chickens can go in the trees no problem, surprisingly the babies can to, but only by following the mother, which is difficult. So they are usually left alone and vulnerable.

My first reaction was to get a quote for a fence 10,000 baht they wanted.. so I went to the shop and got some chains for the dogs, but as they are stupid they get tangled up and after an hour they cant move. And when they can't move they howl, so due to wanting to get a good nights sleep, I was forced to let them have a run of the house during my sleeping session, and due to the mess in the morning I suspect as soon as my door had closed they had pissing competitions.

I decided to take the dogs down with the chickens for 40 minutes every morning and 40 minutes at lunch,  when the naughty dog went near the chickens I shouted and it walked away, I got further and further away until at one stage I was hiding, and i noticed the naughty dog looking for me, and when he didn't see me, he would approach the chickens... this is not acceptable as i am out all day and i cant expect tee rak to be there all the time.

I told tee rak to take the dogs down the garden and teach them...  she said I am wasting my time, dogs like to kill baby chickens and thats it.. every time I came back for my lunch break she had them tied up, this is great for the short term solution, but I am after long term integration.

Despite my shoutings, the naughty dog wasn't getting the hint, I don't want him anywhere near the chickens as its too tempting for her...  So now I carry a cane with me and every morning I was giving the dog a whip when she started chasing the chickens and I also instructed tee rak to take the dogs down the garden as much as she can and to discipline them with the whip, she liked this idea and spent a fair bit of time down the garden lol

Tee rak has gone away for 5 days and I have been forced to leave the dogs and chickens together as I cant chain the dogs up for 12 hours a day, everything has been fine, the dogs are keeping well away from the chickens.. it appears.

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