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Classroom Day

You know when you’re sitting there half asleep, with morning wood, scratching your knackers at 6 in the morning and you can’t sleep because your high from drinking lipo all night, I was thinking and thinking about my day ahead and how I can make it outstanding.

I was thinking about the other day when I was poking my meat stick into a Soi 6 girl and I told her to stop and get her school skirt back on. She looked for her skirt and she looked round at me and said “oh teacher, I see” (koon kroo lor) What a turn on, just as she wraps that tiny little skirt around her tiny little ass and bends right over. I’m, savoring the thought about her calling me a teacher and my love snot is out the pipe without warning. I also felt it was compulsory to bend her over so her tits and face are right against the wall and her long silky hair is wrapped around one hand, so I can pull on it as I am climaxing….

Then suddenly a brain wave hit me, today I want to be teacher and get some students in, everyone says this is the land of dreams so why not? I quickly jump out of bed and I tell the girl that’s lying aside me to go get some food, I don’t even know what to say to her, she’s half asleep and groaning. I try and find out her name to try and wake her up…. Still no joy so I run off to the bathroom to wash my cock and start slapping her on the forehead with the end of my dick. This soon wakes her up!

http://www.jizzflicker.com/images/thai school girl.jpg" alt="thai school girl" />

I motion her towards the shower; I can’t be bothered to fuck her. I have a classroom idea and I want to get going, I feel excited like a little kid and I start dragging the twin bed over to the door and I tip everything all over the floor. Tee rak is looking at me very strange as I quickly run around trying to get everything right out the fucking room.

http://www.jizzflicker.com/images/sexy thai school girl.jpg" alt="sexy thai school girl" />

I start writing a list of what things I need today and where I think I can buy them. I need a blackboard, chalk, notepads, alphabet chart, pencils, pens, a couple of very large rulers (just incase I snap one) I will need to get some tables and chairs to make the room look proper. Oh and some chewing gum so they can chew it and give the ultimate school girl slut look.

As I am scribbling on a note pad and tee rak has finished showering and has walked in with some food. I introduce myself over breakfast, we didn’t get a chance last night as it was a drive by collection and straight to bed. A drive by collection is where I drive down soi 7 or 8 and I don’t even get off my motorbike or lift my helmet visor. I just point at the girl I want and pass over 500 baht and point at my seat. (that is 200 baht over the correct amount) There is no point getting off the motorbike when you don’t need to.

I explain to tee rak my plan to teach 5 girls English today whilst bearing a big grin on my face, I am not sure if she actually understood what really was going to happen. But I just pay her 1200 baht and tell her to do that magic disappearing act that Thai bar girls seem to do once money is passed over. I told her she’d be getting it jizzflicker style again next week.

http://www.jizzflicker.com/images/thai classroom.jpg" alt="thai classroom" />

Now tee rak has gone I want to organize the day, what sort of girls will I get? What will they wear? How much spanking will I be giving out? How much learning will they actually do?

I decide I want to make things as real as possible and I start writing the teachings for the day, I will start with the alphabet then go straight into full on algebra, none of them can get this right, their will be a 100% fail rate and that’s a hell of a lot of spanking to be issued.

I head down Soi Sex (soi 6) and go straight into THUMPS UP, one of the girls follow me in and sits next to me. I really want to help these girls so I always tip them off with companies that are just about to float on the stock market, I was telling her about an LTD that my friend had for years and now he has a well proven ceo at the helm and I was telling her about the new products having CPU’s. I really hope she listens to my advice and gets straight on a stock brokers site and gets some shares. She is sitting there nodding so I know she understands.

I tell her that I am looking for 5 girls to come and learn English around my house and I am expected them to be experts at cock worship. No need to have a masters degree in jizz pipe stimulation, just experience required and the girls down soi shortime certainly aren’t shy around the man stick.

I tell her to bring in 4 more girls that are her friends, this is essential as I love seeing the girls interact amongst each other. I like what I see, there is one girl that’s had a fight with the ugly stick and lost, but I know she’ll appreciate cock more, so I agree for all of them to cum to mine, providing they all address me as teacher all day. (Ajarn Jizz) When I tried to barfine them the “mamasam” threw a fit, she was moaning about robbing all the girls, I told her I’ll compensate her for the loss of earnings and I’ll give her 8,000 baht for all of their barfines, provided she gave one of the girls a good spanking right then and there. She didn’t know what the hell I was talking about, so I asked one of the girls to bend over the chair and I motioned to mamasam what I wanted. They all laughed and called me crazy, anyway after a quick conversation mamasam started spanking this girl’s ass, but the laughing ruined it.

http://www.jizzflicker.com/images/girl thai.jpg" alt="thai girl" />

I pass over the 8000 baht and I tell them I will meet them all back at the bar in two hours and to go fill themselves right up with food, as I don’t want starving students that are going to get unruly, as this school doesn’t have a canteen……. Apart from jizz on the menu. (what would human rights think of that?)

So now I am off to buy all THE SHIT that I need, I grab a songteaw and tell him I want some tables and chairs, I need five of each but I cant friggin explain to him what I want so I go to my local noodle store and I tell them I wanna borrow his tables, as I am loading the tables into the back of the songtaew he starts grabbing them back and we end up doing a tug of war over the table and I’m laughing my head off, but he don’t see the funny side, I’m going to pay him, I just thought it would be fun to see his reaction. I tell him I want 5 tables and 5 chairs for 1 day and that I will be back tomorrow, I give him 1000 baht and I tell him I’ve just wiped my ass with the note 10 minutes ago, we’re both smiling as I shake his hand and he tucks the money away in his fanny pack.

With the tables and chairs loaded we head to the stationary store in the botton of tuk com and I get all the stationary needed and luckily I find some English alphabet charts and blue tack so I can stick it up on the “classroom” wall. I find some real long plastic rulers ready to issue a good spanking to my naughty students.

With the songtaew loaded up with the classroom stuff, I am ready to go to my condo and get my room set up, I ask the taxi driver to help me. We lay out the 5 tables and chairs so they are all facing the front.

After all the furniture is aligned, I get all the pencils, notepads put on each desk and the chart on the wall next to the blackboard, I didn’t think about how to fix the blackboard, so I ask the driver to get something to fix the board up, he friggin turns up with nails and hammer, ah well, I don’t give a shit about the wall, class needs to start today.

http://www.jizzflicker.com/images/classroom thai girls.jpg" alt="classroom thai girls" />

I am satisfied with the room so I head off with the driver to get something to eat at the queen vic restaurant on soi 6, a few hundred yards up from Thumps Up bar. Then I collect the ladies from the bar and discover they are all in there normal clothes!! WTF? I tell them to get there uniforms on for school as they have a dress code to adhere to, short skirts, no pants, and the tie don’t matter. They explain they are too shy, so I make sure they all have there skirts with them and check there bags for the correct attire.

I get them all on the baht bus and bloody hell I am smiling, they are in for a right spanking and cock worship session and they will be learning some English also as I think it will benefit there independent business marketing tactics…. Maybe they will be able to say “excuse me sir, can I suck you cock?” rather than “want smoke?”

We get back to the house and I hand out the chewing gum and I offer them some sweets and nipples from seven11, I get some isaan karaoke music on to get them in the mood and on my other computer screen, I have some hardcore porn playing that I selected earlier, just to give them an idea of what they are going to be doing later. There little eyes lighten up and they get embarrassed about the porno!! Can you believe that? These girls suck cock for cash and turn up to 10 tricks a day, and they get embarrassed seeing a farang giving it hard to a farang bird on a tv? That’s Thai birds for ya, but you gotta love them!!

http://www.jizzflicker.com/images/thai school girls.jpg" alt="thai school girls" />

I get them to put on there uniforms, but tell them to unbutton at least three from the top, to give it a slutty look and I tell them to keep there little white thongs on for now. As they are all sitting there I start to ask them to write out the alphabet but I stand in the way of the alphabet chart so they cant cheat.