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Jizzflickers Essential To Do List

Please feel free to add your dirty seedy suggestions after my post.

I know some of these are weird and/or sick, but we come to Pattaya and we should try out as much as we can. If the press call us perverts why not act like one? None of it can hurt us except for catching something.

Jizz kissing-

Its very hard to find a lady willing to be the prawn in your game but I found one that loves it. I come in her mouth in the toilets and send her off to snog the young farang that think they are getting a freebie. Ohh it gives me a cheeky grin.

http://www.jizzflicker.com/images/essential bar girl.jpg" alt="essential bar girl" />

Blow job drive by.

Hire a car out and drive down jontien beach front during the day and get sucked off while you wave to all the goody goody families then pull over next to a coach full of snotty farangs and continue to get sucked off as they are looking down from there windows.

Jenny Star bar

Go into jenny star bar with tee lak and choose a ladyboy and take her to the room. Just sit back and see what happens.. maybe you'll end up bending over with your tongue up the girls pussy while getting back shafted from behind? Maybe you can bum the ladyboy while she bums your barfine. (like a train locomotion)

Try going down on a ladyboy, its not that gay because he looks like a pretty lady. Why not try it because its your holiday and its UP2YOU

Fucking the taxi drivers missis

I got to know a taxi driver and one day he asked if i wanted to impale his missus with my fine farang meaty trunchion. Suddenly I found my dick leading the way and boy it was a turn on, i couldnt help thinking how wrong it was and what a slut she was for agreeing. That was my best bang for baht. I was so turned on shaking his hand after. She is a regular now, but it only turns me on if he sees us walk away and come back together. So naughty.

Blow job bar

Go to a blow job bar and get the oldest nastiest one in there, I guarentee she'll suck you so hard it'll take weeks for your balls to drop again.

Blind folded fuck

Wack a blindfold on and send your mate out to get you a lady, your not allowed to look at her til you've squeezed your nuts empty.

A visit to the Hell club

Get two ladies and make sure they dildo your ass, they know exactly what to do! You will have no regrets!

Go elephant riding

And get blown off when no one is looking

Share with your friends.

Your both paying so why not have double the fun and swap each others lady for an hour, she'd probably be grateful to get boned up by someone different.

http://www.jizzflicker.com/images/Sexy Thai Girls Pants.jpg" alt="sexy thai girls pants girl" />

Visit to the castle.

Lie back and get blow off while getting your balls whipped a little and hot candle wax dripped on your balls and nipples. It may sound painful but it heightens sensitivity plus pleasure after.

Bit of piss play

Find a lady that will let you piss over her face or even better piss over your face while she hits you with her handbag and screams thai at you. Humiliation at its best.

Three hole alignment

Two ladies lay on top of each other, 69 position. Approach topside girl from rear. sequence of penetration goes

- ass
- pussy
- mouth

(repeat until bored)

Four hole alignment

two ladies lay on top of each other, preferably each one face down. sequence of penetration goes

- ass

(repeat until bored)

http://www.jizzflicker.com/images/Sexy Thai girl.jpg" alt="sexy thai girl" />

Ladyboy trick

Buy a t-shirt same size as your mate.

Wait til your friend is in his local and tell him to wait for you to meet him. Now go and fetch the biggest, ugliest ladyboy and pay her to join you. Before he sees you point him out to the ladyboy and tell the ladyboy his name and hotel etc and all the other details.

Send the ladyboy over to him, get her/him to give your friend the t-shirt making sure she says something like "Darren, i wait for you at ****** hotel, why you not want people to see us?, here your t-shirt from last night"

Blow Job Competition

Get three girls back to your pumping room and offer the girls 700 baht each short time and 1500 baht to the girl who swallows ya man fat. Watch them fight over ya jizz batton.

Speed Boat trip

Hire a speed boat and flll it up with lovely honeys and fuck them all in the privacy of the sea.

Soi 6 burn out

Walk into a soi 6 bar ask them how much to close the door. i.e you hire all of them. This means you can fuck them all on the settee downstairs, bring your mates, get your trousers down, jizz battons out, raise a beer while you rod away, oh and now smile for the cameras!

Any more suggestions?